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BTTB-Schedule 8/2001

   BTTB - Back To The Basics
01.08.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
15.08.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
28.08.   BTTB - Back To The Basics: UK-Inchspektion 2001 Teil 1
29.08.   BTTB - Back To The Basics: UK-Inchspektion 2001 Teil 2
17.08.   BTTB-X-Series: Winter
17.08.   BTTB-X-Series: Afrika Bambaataa neu!
24.08.   BTTB-X-Series: One Cut neu!
Soul <-> HipHop
14.08.   BTTB - Soul <-> HipHop: Der Vinylizer neu!
28.08.   BTTB - Soul <-> HipHop: Der Vinylizer
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Vom 16. bis 25. September kann man ByteFM in Hamburg per UKW 91,7 MHz empfangen - tgl von 5 bis 21 Uhr

 Mi, 01.08.2001  
 ab 20 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics
Der Vinylizer präsentiert Neuheiten, heute u.a. von Osymyso, Pressure Drop, Coldcut, Wagon Christ, Squarepusher, DJ Krush und DJ Deekline. Mehr Infos in den BTTB-News.

Die Patinnen Teil II - "BTTB-2001-Space-Odyssey-Intro" (BTTB)
Osymyso - "On Osymyso! NO" (Sprawl)
Osymyso - "The Not Quite Fool" (Sprawl)
Coldcut - "Revolution" (Ninja Tune)
Squarepusher - "I Wish You Could Talk" (Warp)
Wayward Soul + King Koop & Greg Flemming - "Real Wild Child (DJ Deekline Mix)" (Wayward)
Pressure Drop - "Warrior Sound (DJ Deekline Mix)" (Hard Hands 2001)
Wagon Christ - "London Is A Country (Original)" (Hotel Lotte)
Headman - "It Rough" (Gomma)
Bomb The Bass - "Tracks EP: Track 3" (Electric Tones)
Opiate - "5678 EP: 8 - Post" (Electric Tones)
DJ Krush + Sunja Lee - "Gokurakucho-Ron (Paradise Bird Theory)" (Columbia)
Osymyso - "Cut Up Nonsense" (3Sevens)

 Di, 14.08.2001  
 ab 22 Uhr  
neu! BTTB - Soul <-> HipHop: Der Vinylizer
Wer ordentlich mitgepuzzlet hat, der weis warum heute eine besondere Folge der Reihe Soul <-> HipHop ansteht: Das erste Puzzle ist fertig! Deswegen gibt's heute zwei Stunden lang Soul <-> HipHop, aber nicht wie bisher mit HipHop- und Soultracks. Heute gibt es Sample-Collagen. Dazu zählen neben den Lessons 1 bis 3 von Double Dee & Steinski auch "Say Kids What Time Is It" von Coldcut, DJ Riz live from Brooklyn, "The Live Mix pt. 2" vom Breakestra sowie ein phantastischer Old Skool Instrumental Mix. Hier einige Infos zu den Lessons 1-3 von Double Dee & Steinski:
Steinski Douglas DiFranco and Steven Stein teamed up as Double Dee & Steinski for a DJ mixtape contest, arranged by Tommy Boy in the early 80's. They won the contest with a mix called The Payoff Mix. The winners mixtape was released as a 12" and Double Dee & Steinski came up with two more mixes, and the release was named "Lesson 1, 2 & 3", or "Lessons In Hip Hop 1, 2 & 3". Lesson 1 (The Payoff Mix) is mainly based on G.L.O.B.E. and Whiz Kid's "Play that Beat Mr. DJ" with samples as diverse as Herbie Hancock, voice snippets of Humphrey Bogart and the Supremes. Lesson 2 focuses on "Soul Brother no 1" by James Brown, and Lesson 3 on Herman Kelly And Life's "Dance To The Drummer's Beat". Tommy Boy released it as a promo and it soon became one of the most sought after 12" of all time. It has never been released officially because many of the samples were impossible to clear. It's therefore been widely bootlegged. It latest appeared with a promo for Tommy Boy's Greatest Beats remix project, on the b-side to Double Dee & Steinski's remix of Bambaataa & The Jazzy Five's "Jazzy Sensation".
Steinski & Mass Media's first solo 12" was equally troublesome. "The Motorcade Sped On" was a cut-up of the media coverage of the JFK assassination that couldn't be released when CBS News wouldn't clear the samples of announcer Walter Cronkite. It was released as a Tommy Boy white label 12" in 1986, and was featured on a flexi-single free with NME February 1987. This one is extremely rare: the same single also featured a unreleased live track of Sonic Youth's "White Cross". They probably have even more record collecting fans than Steinski. However, it did feature on a Japanese bootleg CD named "No Rights Given Or Implied" containing many rare Steinski (and Coldcut) material. It has been speculated that this was bootlegged by Coldcut themselves, since they can't release their early singles due to copyrights of the material.
Steinski's second release was Steinski & Mass Media's "We'll Be Right Back" on 4'th & Broadway in 1986. The beats were very typical for it's time (think Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis) and the samples were from TV presenters cueing to commercials and commercial presenters talking of the product they were presenting. It was probably no coincidence that he chose this as a subject: Steinski is actually a writer & producer who honed his editing techniques with work in advertising. Many of these samples have later turned up on other tunes: sampling samples!
Next single for Steinski & Mass Media was "Let's Play It Cool"; on 4'th & Broadway. By now sampling others work was becoming normal, due to hip hop in USA and early house in the UK, so releasing a Steinski single was not so difficult anymore. The tune is another cut & paste project, this time a bit more uptempo. It featuring many samples that have, again, since been sampled by others. It was also perfect timing: in the UK it was all going sample crazy: whole tunes based on sampling bits and pieces, like Bomb The Bass' "Beat Dis" and Simon Harris' "Bass! (How Low Can You Go)". Unfortunaly, Steinski seemed to fall between all those, and it did not became a big hit.
After all these singles (and probably some I don't know about) it has been clear that Steinski doesn't seek the same sample sources that most other producers do. He rather samples from movies, television and radio, contrary to other producers who mainly sample old funk, soul and ol' skool hip hop records. Coldcut's Jonathan More: "He's a fantastically skilled collage artist, basically. His placing of the vocal phrases is just so phenomenally brilliant. It's a very difficult thing to do that. I still don't think we've ever managed to get close to his records in terms of being able to just drop a phrase in the most perfect place. And do it again and again and again."
Coldcut's third single from their debut album "What's That Noise", was not so cut & paste as their previous singles, but rather a pop song with loads of cool samples. This time they took spoken words samples from a Steinski project. On "My Telephone", Steinski is credited with samples, although he had no directly influence with the production. Matt Black: "Steinski , that man of many and whiker ideas, ran a virtual telephone community called 'Ralphies Bop City' for years. he would leave a message on an answering machine to set a topic eg 'death'. Members of Ralphies which could be anyone, would call up and speak/rant on this topic to the answering machine. When you phoned in you could hear these messages from other people, then leave your own. So we hooked up a mike to the phone and dialed the Ralphies number in New York, and recorded some of the messages, then sampled them in for use in "My Telephone". My fave was a guy from Finland I think, using his parents phone just to call anywhere in the world "you know they pay it". The use of these samples was discussed with Stein and we credited him as you saw. That was his involvement". Also one of their employees, Wendy, got sampled for this tune :-). The fact that Steinski is Coldcut's biggest influence made them release a single by him. Ninja Tunes eleventh 12" release was "It's Up To You". Another cut & paste mash up, it's main groove was sampled from The Chambers Brothers "Let's Get Funky," the same sample as A Tribe Called Quest used for "I Left My Wallet In El Segundo". The cut-up samples was from the media coverage of the Gulf War, with many statements from president George Bush. It seems that Steinski were both criticizing the war and the media coverage of it.
In 1992 he contributed with remixes to a CD project called "Bob's Media" Ecology 2" by Producers For Bob. He is credited with three mixes of "Everything's Disappeared". Coldcut also contributed to this project. Over the years it went quiet from Steinski. But his Lesson legacy would continue. In 1991 DJ Shadow produced and remixed "The Real Deal" for Lifer's Group. On the b-side there was Lesson 4, a tribute to Steinski's original. A cut & paste symphony with ol' soul breaks & bits. DJ Shadow's version have also been widely bootlegged. Latest in 1999, where the bootleg looked like a re-issue of the original promo. In 1995 Cut Chemist also released a "Lesson 4". It was on the b-side to Jurassic 5 debut 12", "Unified Rebelution". Cut Chemists "Lesson 4" is also featured on "Return Of The DJ vol. 1" (Bomb). It is not known if Cut Chemist knew about Shadows "Lesson 4". In 1997 Cut Chemist did also a "Lesson 6: The Lecture". There are two versions of this: on "Deeper Concentration" and a Jurassic 5's debut EP. DJ Bombjack is the latest to make a tribute to Steinski, with his "Lesson 7". Coldcut met Steinski for the first time at a Tommy Boy party when they were in New York at a seminar. They got on instantly and a number of years later invited Steinski to create a track for their album "Let Us Play". At one point in the production of the album, Steinski attended a Coldcut session in NYC along with Grandmaster Flash. Jonathan More: "It was amazing, at one point we had Steinski, Grandmaster Flash and Coldcut in the same studio, can you believe that?" Steinski went on to contribute the "Wild About That Thing" track to their "Let Us Play" album. The track was later adapted to a series of UK television commercials for Pretty Polly Bras.
Tommy Boy's Greatest Beat (1998) compilation was promoted with a series of remixes of the old Tommy Boy classics. Dimitri From Paris remixed Stetsasonic's "Talkin All That Jazz", Grooverider did Jonzun Crew's "Pack Jam" and Steinski teamed up with his original partner, Double D, to remix Afrika Bambaataa's debut single, "Jazzy Sensation". It was now sixteen years since their debut, "Lesson 1,2 & 3", which also featured on the other side of the promo only 12".
They also did a remix of Dimitri From Paris' "Une Very Stylish Fille" (East West). It never got a official release, so it's another highly collectable piece of vinyl? also because the promo 12" included a Masters At Work remix of the same track! It is likely that they have enjoyed working together again, because their latest tune is a cut up mix of Sugarhill record back cat, as featured on the remix album of Sugarhill tunes, "Still The Joint". There are few people in hip hop that has received so much respect after so few releases. If there are any blueprints in cut and paste hip hop, sound collage, breakbeats or plain sampling, look to steinski.

taken from Electro Empire, written by DJ Scapegoat, 2000

Beyond There - "BTTB-Theme (intro)" (BTTB 1998)
Double D & Steinski - "Lesson 1 (The Payoff Mix)" (Tommy Boy 1985)
Breakestra - "The Live Mix pt. 2" (Stones Throw)
Breakestra - "Eight Bar Segment Intro" (Stones Throw)
James Brown - "Funky Drummer" (King 1970)
Laura Lee - "Crumbs Off The Table" (Hot Wax 1972)
Stanley Turrentine - "Sister Sanctified" (CTI 1972)
Eddie Bo - "Hook'n'Sling" (Scram 1969)
Sly & The Family Stone - "Sing A Simple Song" (Epic 1969)
Tony Alvon & The Belairs - "Sexy Coffee Pot" (Atlantic 19xx)
Charles Wright - "I Got Love" (Warner 19xx)
The Third Guitar - "Baby Don't Cry" (Streetcar 19xx)
Reuben Wilson - "Inner City Blues" (Groove Merchant 1974)
All The People - "Cramp Your Style" (Blue Candle 1972)
The Mohawks - "Champ" (Pama 1968)
Bobby Byrd - "Hot Pants, I'm Coming" (Brownstone 1971)
Leroy And The Drivers - "Sad Chicken" (Duo 19xx)
Sly & The Family Stone - "Remember Who You Are" (Warner 1979)
Vibrettes - "Humpty Dump" (Lujon 19xx)
S.O.U.L. - "Burning Spear" (Musicor 1971)
Breakestra - "Showbiz Interlude" (Stones Throw)
Maceo & The Macks - "Soul Power '74" (People 1974)
end of Breakestra Mix
Double D & Steinski - "Lesson 2 (The James Brown Mix)" (Tommy Boy 1985)
DJ Riz - "Live From Brooklyn pt. 1" (Stimulated 2000)
DJ Riz - "Live From Brooklyn pt. 2" (Stimulated 2000)
Double D & Steinski - "Lesson 3 (The History Of HipHop)" (Tommy Boy 1985)
No Info - "Old Skool inst. Breaks Mix" (No Info)
Coldcut - "Say Kids (What Time Is It?)" (Ahead Of Our Time 1987)
Beyond There - "BTTB-Theme (Bonus Beats)" (BTTB 1998)
Beyond There - "BTTB-Theme (Outro)" (BTTB 1998)
Freddy Robinson - "The Coming Atlantis" (World Pacific 197x)

 Mi, 15.08.2001  
 ab 20 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics
Der Vinylizer präsentiert Neuheiten, heute u.a. von DJ Krush, Pete Rock, Kool G Rap, Afu Ra, Mark B & Blade, Ursula Rucker und den Poets of Rhythme. Daneben sind Stücke von zwei HipHop-Compilations aus England dabei: "Lyric Superbrand" raus auf Different Drummer und "The Funky Precedent Vol. 2", raus auf Matador.

Monoxide - "BTTB-Theme (intro)" (BTTB)
Mark B & Blade - "Ya Don't See The Signs (Phi Life Cypher Rmx)" (Wordplay 2000)
Mark B & Blade - "Ya Don't See The Signs (Phi Life Cypher inst)" (Wordplay 2000)
Mad Flow - "It's The Who?" (Different Drummer)
Encore of Executive Lounge - "The Movement (Precedent Mix)" (75 Ark)
Kool G Rap - "First Nigga (DJ Premier inst.)" (Rawkus)
Kool G Rap - "Thug For Life" (Rawkus)
Kool G Rap - "First Nigga (DJ Premier inst.)" (Rawkus)
Afu Ra - "Bigacts Littleacts (DJ Premier Rmx)" (Koch)
Bahamadia - "3 Tha Hard Way (DJ Premier Rmx)" (Chrysalis 1995)
Bahamadia - "3 Tha Hard Way (DJ Premier inst.)" (Chrysalis 1995)
DJ Vinroc of Triple Threat DJs - "3ThaHardWay" (Matador)
Live Human - "Lagoona's Bliss (Elephant Mix)" (Matador)
Ursula Rucker + U-Love - "What???" (Stud!o K7)
DJ Krush + Zap Mama - "Danger Of Love" (Columbia)
Pete Rock - "Back On Da Block (DJ Krush Rmx)" (Handcuts)
The Poets Of Rhythm - "Smilin' (While You're Crying)" (Ninja Tune)
DJ Krush + Kazufumi Kodama - "Day's End" (Columbia)
Ken Nordine - "Lavender" (Philips 1966)

 Fr, 17.08.2001  
 ab 17 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: Winter
Winter Während meines New-York-Aufenthalts im Mai hab ich natürlich auch Clubs besucht. Mehrfach wärmstens empfohlen wurde mir der Drum-n-Bass-Abend DIRECT DRIVE im Baktun (418 W. 14th btn 9th & 10th Ave). Der Flyer NY empfiehlt "You're advised to bring earplugs if you're hearing is sensitive" und DJ Wally sagt einfach "Definitely the best Drum-n-Bass-club in New York". Ich war wie gesagt Ende Mai dort und als ich's mir gerade an der Bar gemütlich gemacht hatte, beendete der Warm-Up-DJ sein Set und ein anderer DJ übernahm. Das Set war so druckvoll und ausgefallen, daß ich den DJ einfach um eine X-Session für BTTB bitten mußte! Ihr Name ist DJ Winter und sie steht erst seit ca. drei Jahren hinter den Plattentellern. In dieser kurzen Zeit hat sie aber schon bei diversen Parties wie Testpress Sundays, Konkrete Jungle, Direct Drive oder Camouflage aufgelegt. Heute abend mixt sie exklusiv für die BTTB-Hörer!

Blu Cantrell - "Hit'em Up Style (acapella)" (Arista)
Zinc and Hype (?) - "Soundclash EP: Rux Flava" (True Playa'z)
Carlito & Addiction - "Make It Real" (Creative Source)
A-Sides - "Spread Love" (Hard Leaders)
No Info - "Deep Inside (Sample: Masters At Work / Harddrive EP)" (No Info)
Kosheen - "Suicide (Decoder & Substance Mix)" (Moksha)
Total Science - "Jet Set" (Advanced)
Future Tech - "Tribal Warfare" (Technique)
Total Science - "Listen Up EP: It's Not Over" (Hard Leaders)
Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files - "Dreamworld" (31 Records)
Sonic And Silver - "Tell Me" (No Info)
Aquasky - "I Can't Wait (No More)" (Moving Shadow)
J Majik - "Tell Me" (Infrared)
Datcyde - "This Music" (Taciturn)
J Majik - "Solarize" (Infrared)
Skeptic - "Tear (A-Sides Rmx)" (East Side)
Total Science - "Jungle Jungle" (Metalheadz)
TeeBee - "Dementional Entity" (Subtitles)

neu! BTTB-X-Series: Afrika Bambaataa
Afrika Bambaataa am 20.7. im FSK-Studio Afrika Bambaataa ist nicht nur einer der ersten HipHop-DJs, sondern gilt allgemein als einer der Gründungsväter. Sein bekanntester Song "Planet Rock" erschien 1982 und war maßgeblich beeinflußt von Kraftwerk, von denen Afrika Bambaataa "Trans Europa Express" und "Nummern" zwar nicht samplet, aber auf einem Keyboard nachspielt. Aber schon lange vor "Planet Rock" war Afrika Bambaataa ein bekannter Name in der New Yorker HipHop-Szene. Mitte der 70'er war er einer der führenden DJs aus der Bronx. Er veranstaltete und organisierte riesige Blockparties, aus denen letztendlich der HipHop geboren wurde.
Geboren wurde Afrika Bambaataa am 10. April 1960 als Kevin Donovan in der Bronx, New York. Den Namen Afrika Bambaataa Aasim lieh er sich von einem Zulu-Führer aus dem 19. Jahrhundet. Sein Interesse am DJing erwachte 1973, als er Kool DJ Herc und Kool DJ D bei einer lokalen Blockparty sah. Zu der Zeit war Bambaataa noch Mitglied der allseits gefürchteten Gang The Black Spades. 1974 trennte er sich aber von den Black Spades und gründete seine eigene Crew: Die Organisation, die später in die Zulu Nation umbenannt wurde. Etwa zu der Zeit veranstaltete Bambaataa auch seine ersten Blockparties und Breakdance-Competitions in den Bronx. Wegen seiner vielfältigen Auswahl - Bambaataa spielte alles von Kraftwerk über Afrikanische Trommeln bis hin zu klassischer Musik - wurde Bambaataa oft als der beste DJ der Bronx bezeichnet, und bekam den Beinamen "The Master Of Records". Wobei Grandmaster Flash und Kool DJ Herc wohl die besseren DJs waren. Seine erste Platte, auf der er allerdings nur als Produzent auftrat, erschien 1980, kam von Cosmic Force und hatte den Titel "Zulu Nation Throwdown".
In den Jahren 1980 und 1981 wurde Afrika Bambaataa auf diversen Platten als Produzent genannt, brachte aber keine Platte unter seinem eigenen Namen raus. Das änderte sich erst 1982, als er einen Vertrag mit Tommy Boy unterzeichnete und die Single "Jazzy Sensation" veröffentlichte. Mitte 1982 folgte die Single "Planet Rock", die Bambaataa mit der Unterstützung von Arthur Baker produziert hat. "Planet Rock" wurde sehr schnell zu einem Erfolg, landete auf Platz 4 der R&B-Charts und erlangte im September des Jahres sogar Goldstatus. Wie erwähnt stammt die Inspiration zu diesem Song von Kraftwerk's "Trans Europa Express" und "Nummern". Mit "Planet Rock" wurde ganz nebenbei eine Phase eingeläutet, während der Dutzende Electro-Gruppen auf der Bildfläche erschienen und elektronische Musik mit HipHop vermischten. Allerdings erreichten nur wenige die Qualität von "Planet Rock" - zu den wenigen gehört auch Bambaataa's Nachfolgesingle "Looking For The Perfect Beat". Aber diese Electro-HipHop-Phase war ein sehr wichtiger Einfluß für das, was heute als Detroit Techno, Miami Bass und Chicago House bekannt ist.
1984 brachte Bambaataa die Platten "Unity" zusammen mit James Brown und "Word Destruction" zusammen mit John Lydon (als Time Zone) raus. Im gleichen Jahr nahm er zusammen mit Bill Laswell und Michael Bein- horn von Material das Album "Shango Funk Theology" unter dem Namen Shango raus. 1985 folgte mit "Funk You!" eine Single auf Album-länge und kurz darauf erschien dann sein richtiges Debut-Album "Beware (The Funk Is Everywhere)". 1986 verließ Bambaataa Tommy Boy und unterschrieb einen neuen Plattenvertrag bei Capitol, wo er 1988 das Album "The Light" mit Unterstützung von George Clinton, UB40, Boy George und Bootsy Collins rausbrachte. Ein drittes Album erschien drei Jahre später und hatte den Titel "1990-2000: Decade of Darkness" während zeitgleich auf seinem eigenen Label Planet Rock Records ein Album von Time Zone erschien, an dem Bambaataa auch mitgearbeitet hatte.
1991 produzierte Bambaataa einen Remix für das britische Projekt EMF, deren Single "Unbelievable" gerade ein Riesenhit war. Kurze Zeit später erschienen auf Profile Recors Singles wie "Zulu War Chant" oder "What's The Name of This Nation ... Zulu".
Am 20. Juli war Afrika Bambaataa zusammen mit Prince Paul zu Gast bei BTTB im FSK-Studio. Er kam wegen eines Staus leider erst sehr spät, schlug aber selbst vor nach Ende der Sendung weiterzumixen. Das taten wir damals - während die Hörer die Sendung nur bis 19 Uhr hören konnten, stand Afrika Bambaataa noch bis kurz vor 20 Uhr an den Turntables im FSK. Den Mix haben wir natürlich mitgeschnitten und heute hört ihr das, was Afrika Bambaataa damals gemixt hat - bevor er im Phonodrome seinem Label Tommy Boy zum 20sten Geburtstag gratuliert hat.

playlist not (yet) available

 Fr, 24.08.2001  
 ab 13 Uhr  
neu! BTTB-X-Series: One Cut
Onecut Vor genau einem Jahr lief ein Mix von Masterchef, dem Kopf des bristolianischen HipHop-Projektes Onecut, bei BTTB im Offenen Kanal. Es handelte sich um einen ganz großartigen Funk Mix. Onecut's bekannteste Single ist vermutlich "Babylon", ein Stück das HipHop, Reggae und Drum'n'Bass genial miteinander verbindet. Die meisten anderen Stücke von Onecut sind genial ausgetüftelte HipHop-Instrumentals, die meist sehr druckvoll sind und denen man den Perfektionismus und die DJ-Fähigkeiten von Masterchef immer anhört. So auch bei diesem zeitlosen Mix, der erstmals auch von Solid Steel gesendet wird. Wer's damals nicht aufgenommen hat darf's heute auf keinen Fall verpassen!

pt. 1
Jerry Butler - "I'm Your Mechanical Man" (Mercury 1974)
Method Man - "Bring The Pain" (Def Jam 1994)
Crystal Mansion - "Somebody" (No Info)
Rhythm Addicts - "Scorpio" (No Info)
No Info - "Switchblade Theme" (No Info)
Andrew White - "Who Got The Funk" (No Info)
Jr. Walker And The All Stars - "Home Cookin'" (Motown 197x)
Grand Funk Railroad - "Nothing Is The Same" (Capitol 1970)
The Black Nasty - "Party On 4th Street" (No Info)
Sister Goose And The Ducklings - "Super Shine No. 9" (BMG)
The Meters - "I Need More Time" (Josie)
Erwin Lehn - "2001" (No Info)
Ike & Tina Turner - "I Better Get To Steppin'" (No Info)
Betty Harris + The Meters - "Break In The Road" (No Info)
Ted Sommer Quartett - "Rock Out In Soul" (No Info)
Ronald Stein - "Pigs Go Home" (RCA 1970)
pt. 2
Jurassic 5 - "Unified Rebelution" (Interscope)
Jack Trombey - "Rock Bed 1" (No Info)
Brian Bennett - "Drums In Transit" (No Info)
The Mohawks - "Pepsi" (Pama 196x)
Alan Moorhouse - "Soul Skimmer" (KPM 1970)
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie - "Funky Donkey" (Fly 1972)
Sugar Man Three - "Cherry Pickin'" (No Info)
Tony Newman - "Soul Thing" (No Info)
Salt - "Hung Up" (No Info)
Rex Brown Company - "Hot Track" (No Info)
Dropping 2000 - "Freedom Power" (No Info)
N. Ingram - "Down Home" (No Info)
The Craters - "Funky Mars" (No Info)
Prophets Of Soul - "Ain't No Sunshine" (No Info)
Ramsey Lewis - "Tambura" (CBS 1974)

 Di, 28.08.2001  
 ab 22 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics: UK-Inchspektion 2001 Teil 1
Die Inchspektoren Lefthand und der Vinylizer haben soeben ihre alljährliche UK-Inchspektion abgeschlossen und der Vinylizer stellt heute den ersten Teil seiner Inchspektionsergebnisse vor. Erwartet eine völlig planlose Zusammenstellung alter und neuer, exklusiver und bekannter Platten, die dem Vinylizer während seiner Inchspektion in Brighton und London in die Finger geraten sind. Im ersten Teil geht es hauptsächlich um den Besuch in Brighton, wo neben den alljährlichen Gastgebern Pressure Drop auch die Labels Catskills, Tru Thoughts und Marine Parade beheimatet sind. Wahrscheinlich wird es auch schon einen ersten Einblick in die Ergebnisse der London-Inchspektion geben - vielleicht wird sogar schon vom Treffen mit dem Soundtüftler Osymyso die Rede sein... Teil 2 folgt morgen um 20 Uhr im Offenen Kanal.

Pressure Drop - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1999)
9 Nickel - "Capricorn" (Marine Parade 1998)
High Prime - "Funky As..." (Marine Parade 1998)
Beber - "Juvenile Delinquent (Beber's Superfly Mix)" (Marine Parade 1998)
Apex - "Symmetry (Nu Breed Rmx)" (Marine Parade 2001)
Hard Kandy - "Moonlight (Space Raiders' Kandy 4 Evil Mix)" (Catskills 2001)
Sonorous Star - "Bullets And Bad Dreams EP" (Catskills 1997)
The Clash - "The Guns Of Brixton" (CBS 1979)
Howie B. - "Under The Boardwalk" (Kinetic 2001)
Quantic - "Life In The Rain" (Tru Thoughts 2001)
McFadden And Whitehead - "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" (Philadelphia Int 1979)
Stereo MC's - "Two Horse Town" (Island 1990)
Jungle Brothers - "Black Is Black (Ultimatum Rmx)" (Gee Street 1989)
Izit - "Make Way For The Originals" (Optimism 1990)

BTTB - Soul <-> HipHop: Der Vinylizer
Und wieder eine Ausgabe aus der beliebten Reihe Soul <-> HipHop. Beliebt ist diese Reihe vor allem aus einem Grund: Man kann HipHop- und Soul-Klassiker hören, die teilweise lange nicht mehr im Radio gespielt wurden. Und das ganz ohne Gelaber. Daß die Auswahl der HipHop- und Soul-Tracks nicht ganz zufällig ist, fällt zunächst wahrscheinlich gar nicht auf. Bei mehrmaligem Hören wird man aber schnell feststellen, daß Verbindungen zwischen den einzelnen Stücken bestehen: Die Soul-Tracks wurden von den HipHop-Tracks gesamplet, d.h. Teile der Soul-Tracks hört man in den HipHop-Tracks wieder. Heute dabei sind Ben E. King, Black Moon, DJ Vadim, David Axelrod, David Byrne und Brian Eno, Deniece Williams, Gang Starr, Jukka Tolonen, Kool G Rap, Lord Finesse und KRS-One, Mic Geronimo, Nine, Notorious BIG, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, die Spinners, Stereo MC's und die Supremes.

David Axelrod - "A Divine Image ([2,3,4])" (Capitol 1969)
Kool G Rap - "Take'em To War ([1])" (Sony 1995)
Black Moon - "One Two ([1])" (Priority 1999)
Lord Finesse + KRS-One - "No Gimmicks ([1])" (Penalty 1995)
DJ Vadim - "The Piano Song ([6])" (Ninja Tune 1999)
Jukka Tolonen - "Northern Lights ([5])" (Janus 1976)
Deniece Williams - "Free ([8])" (Sony 1976)
Mic Geronimo - "Shit's Real ([7])" (Blunt 1994)
Gang Starr - "JFK 2 LAX ([10])" (Noo Trybe 1998)
Supremes - "It's Time To Break Down ([9])" (Motown 1970)
David Byrne + Brian Eno - "Regiment ([12])" (Polydor 1981)
Stereo MC's - "What Is Soul? ([11,13])" (Gee Street 1988)
Ben E. King - "What Is Soul? ([12])" (Atco 1967)
Spinners - "I'll Be Around ([15])" (Atlantic 1972)
Nine - "Any Emcee ([14])" (Profile 1995)
Notorious BIG - "Kick In The Door ([17])" (Bad Boy Entertainment 1997)
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - "I Put A Spell On You ([16])" (Okeh 1957)

 Mi, 29.08.2001  
 ab 20 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics: UK-Inchspektion 2001 Teil 2
Im zweiten Teil der UK-Inchspektionsergebnisse wird der Vinylizer neben Osymyso, Ronin' Records, DC Recordings, die True Playaz Night in der Fabric, Raw Deal's Groove Sanctuary im Madame JoJo's und die Plattenläden in Soho, Nottinghill und Camden auch über den Nottinghill Carnival berichten. Die Musik wird zusammengestellt aus den unzähligen Plattenkisten, die der Vinylizer während seiner Inchspektion durchsucht hat. Daneben gibt es Musik von den Künstlern, mit denen er sich getroffen hat.

Beyond There - "BTTB-Theme (intro)" (BTTB 1998)
Malcom McLaren - "Buffalo Gals" (Charisma 1982)
Osymyso - "Breezeblock-Mix (intro)" (BBC 2000)
Osymyso - "Leopard To Lizard" (Eye Q 199x)
The Deckwrecka - "Sever The Wicked" (Ronin 199x)
IST - "Article Jam" (Ronin 1989)
Skitz, Rodney P & Supernatchlus - "The Killing" (Ronin 2001)
Depth Charge - "Hubba Hubba Hubba (What's In The Bag Man?)" (Vinyl Solution 1994)
Piero Piccioni - "Puppet On A Chain (Main Theme)" (DC 1970)
Moloko - "Fe Fi Fungle Fool (Tadpole Dub)" (The Echo Label 1995)
Pressure Drop - "Spirit Shine (Spirit Dance Mix)" (Hard Hands)
18 Wheeler - "Stay (Dr. Rockit Mix)" (Creation 1997)
Del Tha Funky Homo Sapien - "Mistadobalina" (Elektra 1991)
Badmarsh & Shri + UK Apache - "Signs (Pressure Drop Bootleg Rmx)" (Outcaste 2001)
Raw Deal - "Blues For Brother George Jackson" (Talkin' Loud 2001)
Eddie Kendricks - "A Date In The Rain" (Tamla 1972)
BBC London Live - "News" (BBC)
Leviticus + Yolanda - "Burial" (FFRR 1994)

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