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BTTB-Schedule 11/1998

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11.11.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
13.11.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
16.11.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
23.11.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
25.11.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
30.11.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
05.11.   BTTB-X-Series: Oliver Korthals
06.11.   BTTB-X-Series: Aim
09.11.   BTTB-X-Series: Dave Clarke pres. Electro Boogie pt. II
12.11.   BTTB-X-Series: Pressure Drop
13.11.   BTTB-X-Series: DJ Touché's Bootleg Mix
19.11.   BTTB-X-Series: Beyond There
20.11.   BTTB-X-Series: DJ Phono
26.11.   BTTB-X-Series: Like A Tim
27.11.   BTTB-X-Series: Les Rhythmes Digitales
28.11.   BTTB-X-Series: DJ Touché's House Mix
28.11.   BTTB-X-Series: DJ Touché's HipHop Mix
28.11.   BTTB-X-Series: DJ Touché's Dancefloor Beats Mix
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Vom 16. bis 25. September kann man ByteFM in Hamburg per UKW 91,7 MHz empfangen - tgl von 5 bis 21 Uhr

 Do, 05.11.1998  
 ab 23 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: Oliver Korthals

Mario Molino - "Gli Angeli Del 2000" (CAM)
Pierre Henry - "Psyché Rock" (Philips)
Jacques Loussier - "Ballet Photo Rouge" (London)
The Weinberg Method - "The Keen Machine" (Anvil)
The Moog Machine - "Aquarius / Let The Sun Shine In" (CBS)
Cecil Leuter - "Pop Electronique No 2" (Nevilly)
Adrian Wagner - "The Travellers" (KPM)
Frank David Selection - "Lost In Outer Space" (BASF)
M. Frog - "We Are Crazy" (Bearsville)
Hot Butter - "Apache" (Intercord)
Perrey & Kingsley - "Mas Que Nada" (Vanguard)
Dick Hyman - "The Moog And Me" (Command)
Harold McKinney - "In The Moog" (Tribe)
Ramsey Lewis - "Tambura" (CBS)
Les McCann - "Harlem Buck Dance Strut" (Atlantic)
Urszula Dudziak - "By Myself" (Inner City)
Ralph Lundsten - "Horrorscope" (Harvest)
John Keating - "Star Trek" (Studio 2)
Claude Denjean - "Venus" (London)
Bruno Spoerri - "Les Electroniciens" (Jazzman)

 Fr, 06.11.1998  
 ab 00 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: Aim

Rae & Christian feat. Q-Ball & Curt Cazal - "Anything U Want" (Grand Central)
Lords Of The Underground - "Faith" (No Info)
Lewis Parker - "101 Pianos (I've Put Out The Lights)" (Melankolik 1998)
Rae & Christian + Jungle Brothers - "Play On (Grand Central)" (Grand Central 1998)
Joyce - "Caqui" (No Info)
Gumir Deodato - "Skyscrapers" (No Info)
Joni Mitchell - "Love Or Money" (No Info)
The Untouchables - "Little Louis Anthem Mix pt. 1" (No Info)
No Info - "Night Is Over" (No Info)
Aim - "Downstate" (Grand Central 1998)
Rae & Christian - "Divine Sounds" (Grand Central)
Sunshine Power - "It's Too Late" (No Info)
Think Tank - "A Knife And A Fork" (No Info)
The UMCs - "One To Grow On" (EMI)

 Mo, 09.11.1998  
 ab 21 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: Dave Clarke pres. Electro Boogie pt. II

Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1997)
Dopplereffekt - "Sterilization" (Dataphysix)
Oliver Dodd - "Janitorial Bandsaw" (Xylophone Jones)
Shiver - "Doctor Break" (Shiver)
World Class Wreckin' Cru - "Surgery" (Wreckin' Cru)
KT-19941 - "Face Your Fate" (Puzzlebox)
The Unknown DJ - "808 Beats" (JDC)
I-F - "Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass" (Interdimensional Transmissions)
Technasia - "Crosswalk" (Future Sound)
Ectomorph - "Skin" (Interdimensional Transmissions)
DJ Assault - "U Can't See Me" (Electrofunk)
Anthony Rother - "Describe Reality" (Kanzleramt)
Transits Of Tone - "Warfare Beats" (Panic Trax)
Da Sampla - "Digital System" (Puzzlebox)
Will Web - "Boomin'" (Direct Beat)
Alien FM - "The Future" (Direct Beat)
Like A Tim - "From Scratch" (Djax Up Beats)
Aux 88 - "I Need To Freak" (Direct Beat)
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - "Rhythm Trax (House Party Style)" (Jive)
Dopplereffekt - "Sterilization" (Dataphysix)
World Class Wreckin' Cru - "Surgery" (Wreckin' Cru)
The Knights Of The Turntable - "Fresh Mass (Jam Up Your Radio)" (JDC)
The Unknown DJ - "808 Beats" (JDC)
KT-19941 - "Face Your Fate" (Puzzlebox)
High Fidelity Three - "B-Boys Breakdance" (Cutting)

 Mi, 11.11.1998  
 ab 20 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Jonny L feat. Silvah Bullet - "20 Degrees (Scratch Perverts Mix)" (XL)
Red Snapper + MC Det - "The Sleepless (Shut Up And Dance Remix)" (Warp)
Jungle Brothers - "Jungle Brother (Jadell Rmx)" (Gee Street)
Jadell - "Brand New Sound" (Ultimate Dilemma 1998)
Jadell - "The Sure Shot" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Jadell - "The Other Side Of The Wind" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Raw Deal - "High Treason" (Botchit & Scarper)
Raw Deal - "Return Of The Rebel" (Botchit & Scarper 1996)
Raw Deal - "Angels Never Fall In Love" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Silent Poets + Ursula Rucker - "Get Ready (Alpha Rmx)" (Idyllic 1999)
Lulu Mushi - "Blue Sonoko" (Compost)
Acoustinetics + Andrea Canta - "Adelina (The Green Man inst. Mix)" (Basswerk)
The Green Man - "Berlin" (Basswerk)
Shariff Aina - "Sense Nhytronium" (No Info)

 Do, 12.11.1998  
 ab 23 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: Pressure Drop

Pressure Drop - "Got To Be For Real (Grooverider Vocal)" (Hard Hands 1997)
Grooverider - "Rivers Of Congo" (Sony)
Ryme Tyme - "We Enter" (Saigon)
E-Z Rollers - "Moving Target" (Moving Shadow)
Ben Grim - "Hitch Hikers Guide" (24 Karat)
No Info - "No Info" (Zion)
No Info - "No Info" (Zion)
Beenie Man - "Gwaan So" (No Info)
S. Richards - "Black Widow" (No Info)
Goofy - "Bad Mind" (No Info)
Danny Browne - "Heavy Metal" (No Info)
Noreaga - "Super Thug" (Penalty)
Mos Def + Kwev - "Definition" (No Info)
The High & The Mighty - "B-Boy Document" (Eastern Conference)
T-Love - "Return Of The B-Girl" (No Info)
Nu Style Avengers - "2 x Freestyle" (No Info)
Kushti - "Taking Hold" (Octopus 1999)
Missin' Linx - "M.I.A." (Linx Ink)

 Fr, 13.11.1998  
 ab 00 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: DJ Touché's Bootleg Mix

playlist not (yet) available

 Fr, 13.11.1998  
 ab 01 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Mr. Scruff - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1998)
Ray In Yard - "Amythist Rocks" (Immortal)
Kurtis Mantronik - "Push Yer Hands Up (Cash Money Mix)" (Oxygen Music Works 1998)
Rob Swift - "The Ablist" (Asphodel)
Rob Swift - "The Ablist (inst.)" (Asphodel)
Pressure Drop - "Got To Be For Real (Attica Blues Vocal)" (Hard Hands 1997)
Kushti - "Taking Hold" (Octopus 1999)
Ed OG & Da Bulldogs - "Love Comes And Goes" (Chemistry 1994)
C.H.A.O.S. - "Death Stalks (inst.)" (Domestic Violence Ent.)
Brand Nubian - "The Return (DJ Premier Mix)" (Arista 1998)
The Jigmasters - "HipHop" (Beyond Real)
The Jigmasters - "Awareness" (Beyond Real)
Doppelkopf - "Die fabelhaften Vier" (Hong Kong)
Q Ball And Curt Cazal - "Boon Dox" (Fat City)
Rae & Christian + Texas - "The Hush" (Grand Central 1998)
Mr. Scruff & Mark Rae - "How Sweet It Is" (Grand Central 1997)
Non-Phixion - "5 Boros (inst.)" (Serch Lite Music)
Non-Phixion - "5 Boros" (Serch Lite Music 1996)

 Mo, 16.11.1998  
 ab 21 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1997)
D.A.S. Bo 2001 - "Kurz vor(m) Film" (Yo Mama)
Kushti - "No Mistakes Allowed" (Octopus)
Rae & Christian - "Divine Sounds" (Grand Central)
Mixmaster Mike - "Unidentifried" (Asphodel)
Mixmaster Mike - "Supa Wyde Laces" (Asphodel)
DJ Spooky - "Object Unknown (Piano Roll Blue Inst.)" (Asphodel)
DJ Phono - "10-min-Battle-Demo" (BTTB)
Red Foo & Dre'Kroon - "The Freshest (Revolution Mix)" (Bubonic)
Rae & Christian - "Swimming Pool" (Grand Central)
Beyond There feat. Tony Vegas - "It's Straws" (Mo' Wax)
Beyond There - "Straw Dub" (Mo' Wax)
Beyond There - "Dadaism (Exclusive, unreleased version)" (Big Dada)
Beyond There - "Dadaism (Bonus Beats)" (Big Dada)
Dynamite Deluxe - "Weg vom Set" (Yo Mama)
Dynamite Deluxe - "Weg vom Set (inst.)" (Yo Mama)
Absolute Beginners - "Liebes Lied (DJ DSL Remix)" (Universal)
DJ DSL - "I L.O.V.E. You (Love Beats)" (Mego)

 Do, 19.11.1998  
 ab 23 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: Beyond There

Beyond There - "BTTB-Theme" (BTTB 1998)
Mix pt. 1
Basement Khemist - "Vibrate" (Beyond Real)
The Arsonists - "The Session" (Fondle'Em)
Bill Deal & The Rhondels - "Tuck's Theme" (Heritage)
James Brown - "Funky President" (Polydor)
Ugly Duckling - "Fresh Mode" (Bad Magic 1999)
Roxanne Shanté - "Queen Of Rox" (Pop Art)
Lee Ritenour - "Catapillar" (Columbia)
Mr. Complex - "I'm Rhymin'" (Core)
Ramsey Lewis - "Tambura" (Columbia)
Love - "Doggone" (Harvest)
Beyond There - "Dadaism" (Big Dada 1998)
J.J. Johnson & Quincey Jones - "Pull Jubal Pull" (Sussex)
Show & AG - "Q & A Beats" (D.I.T.C.)
Dilated Peoples - "Work The Angels" (ABB)
Jake One feat. Kutfather - "One Man Band" (Conception)
Dorothy Ashby - "It's A Minor Thing" (Prestige)
Mix pt. 2
David McCallum - "The Edge" (Capitol)
Missin' Linx - "M.I.A." (Linx Ink)
Ill Brothers - "Funkneck" (Nerve Deafness)
Progression - "Tom - Tom" (Src)
Original Concept - "Can You Feel It?" (Def Jam)
T-La Rock - "It's Yours" (Def Jam)
Beyond There feat. Tony Vegas - "It's Straws" (Mo' Wax)
K-Fanat - "Zoo York" (Hydra)
George Benson & Harlem Underground Band - "Cheeba Cheeba" (Paul Winley)
Microphone Pager & Lord Finesse - "Yamu Machi" (Next Level)
Microphone Pager & Muro - "XXX-Large" (Next Level)
Bo Diddley - "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" (Chess)
Sic Sense - "Positional Bypass" (Luge)
Mountain - "Long Red" (Windfall)
Fab 5 Freddy & Chris Stein - "Down By Law" (Beyongolia)
Beyond There - "BTTB-Theme (Outro)" (BTTB)
Freddy Robinson - "The Coming Atlantis" (World Pacific)

 Fr, 20.11.1998  
 ab 00 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: DJ Phono

Battle Star Galactica - "Main Theme" (No Info)
Run DMC - "They Call Us Run DMC" (Profile)
Run DMC - "Beats To The Rhyme" (Profile)
World Renown - "How Nice I Am" (Warner)
Yvette Michelle - "Everyday, Everynight" (RCA)
Afrika Bambaataa - "What's The Name Of This Nation ... Zulu" (Tommy Boy)
Big Daddy Kane - "Ain't No Half Steppin'" (Cold Chillin')
Biz Markie - "Make The Music With Your Mouth Biz" (Cold Chillin')
Incredible Bongo Band - "Apache" (Pride 1973)
The 45 King - "Get Funky" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Craig G - "Droppin' Science" (No Info)
Mekon + Schoolly D - "Skool's Out" (Wall Of Sound 1997)
Carl Carlton - "She's A Bad Mama Jama" (No Info)
Diana Ross - "I'm Coming Out" (Motown)
Kool & The Gang - "Hollywood Swinging" (No Info)
Whole Darn Family - "Seven Minutes Of Funk" (No Info)
Isaac Hayes - "Joe Bell" (No Info)
Lafayette Afro Rock Band - "Darkest Light" (No Info)
Hysear Don Walker - "Children Of The Night" (No Info)
Weldon Irvine - "We Gettin' Down" (No Info)
A Tribe Called Quest - "Award Tour" (Jive 1993)
World Renown - "How Nice I Am (Acapella)" (Warner)
Nas - "One Love" (Columbia)
Tha Alkaholics - "HipHop Drunkies (Acapella)" (Loud)
The Pharcyde - "Runnin'" (Delicious Vinyl)
Jungle Brothers - "Brain (Acapella)" (Gee Street)
Group Home - "Supa Star" (Payday 1994)
Rakim - "Guess Who's Back" (Universal)
Eric B. & Rakim - "Paid In Full" (Island 1987)
Boogie Down Productions - "Jah Rulez" (Jive)
Whodini - "Friends" (Jive 1984)
Poet And Rockwell - "Beat You Down" (No Info)
Boogie Down Productions - "My Philosophy" (Jive)
DJ Rectangle - "Back Again" (Wreck)
Sugarhill Gang - "Rapper's Delight" (Sugarhill 1979)

 Mo, 23.11.1998  
 ab 21 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Beyond There - "BTTB-Theme" (BTTB 1998)
Beyond There - "BTTB-Theme (Bonus Beats)" (BTTB)
No Info - "B-Side" (Zion)
No Info - "A-Side" (Zion)
No Info - "A-Side" (Zion)
Lion Of Judah - "Set It (DJ Kane Mix)" (Congo Natty 1996)
No Info - "B-Side" (Zion)
Buju Banton - "What Ya Gonna Do?" (No Info)
Dawn Penn + Bounty Killer - "No No No" (Waterhouse 1994)
Sister Nancy - "Bam Bam" (Fat City)
Dillinger - "Cokane In My Brain" (Island 1976)
Sound Dimension - "Real Rock" (Studio One)
Syl Johnson - "Different Strokes" (Twilight 1967)
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - "Talk Like Sex" (Cold Chillin' 1990)
Chequers - "Get Up Stand Up" (Creole)
Lee Dorsey - "Get Out Of My Life, Woman" (Charly)
Marlena Shaw - "California Soul" (Cadet 1969)
Sam Cooke - "A Change Is Gonna Come" (RCA 1964)
Jean Jaques Perry - "E.V.A." (Vanguard 1970)

 Mi, 25.11.1998  
 ab 20 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

No Info - "HipHop is..." (No Info)
Beyond There - "BTTB-Theme (Intro)" (BTTB)
Beyond There - "BTTB-Theme (Radio Beats)" (BTTB)
Doppelkopf - "Die fabelhaften Vier" (Hong Kong)
Dynamite Deluxe - "Weg vom Set" (Yo Mama)
Dynamite Deluxe - "Weg vom Set (inst.)" (Yo Mama)
Absolute Beginners - "Liebes Lied (DJ DSL Rmx)" (MCA)
DJ DSL - "Hand Made" (Sabotage 1996)
Matta + DJ DSL - "Another You" (Billie)
Louchie Lou & Michie One - "Rich Girl" (Fashion)
Sound Dimension - "Real Rock" (Studio One)
oRiginal Rockers - "The Underwater World Of Jah Custeau (Groove Corporation Mix)" (The Cake Label 1993)
oRiginal Rockers - "The Gospel According To DJ Dick" (The Cake Label)
Groove Corporation Meets Original Rockers At The Elephant House - "Stoned (Kashmir Twist Mix)" (The Cake Label 1992)
Rockers Hi Fi - "Free" (Different Drummer)
La Funk Mob - "Casse les frontieres, Fou les têtes en l'air (Richie Hawtin Mix)" (Mo' Wax 1994)
Beyond There - "BTTB-Theme (Outro)" (BTTB)

 Do, 26.11.1998  
 ab 23 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: Like A Tim

Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1997)
The Beach Boys - "Good Vibrations" (EMI 1966)
Public Enemy - "Public Enemy No. 1" (Def Jam)
Diana Ross & The Supremes - "Baby Love" (Motown)
ZZ Top - "Legs" (No Info)
Van Morrison - "Brown Eyed Girl" (No Info)
The Ronettes - "Be My Baby" (No Info)
Boogie Down Productions - "I'm Still No. 1" (Jive)
The Beach Boys - "Do It Again" (EMI 1968)
Prince - "Delirious" (Paisley Park)
The Crystals - "Da Doo Ron Ron" (No Info)
Big Daddy Kane - "Just Rhymin' With Biz" (Cold Chillin')
Frank Zappa - "G-Spot Tornado" (No Info)
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - "Tears Of A Clown" (No Info)
Ultramagnetic MCs - "Travelling At The Speed Of Thought" (No Info)
The Beach Boys - "I Get Around" (EMI)
Kraftwerk - "Ohm Sweet Ohm" (EMI)
nach dem Mix:
Like A Tim - "Everlasting Manufacturing Of Synthi's" (Geist)
Les Rythmes Digitales - "(Hey You) What's That Sound?" (Wall Of Sound)

 Fr, 27.11.1998  
 ab 00 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: Les Rhythmes Digitales

Jean Michel Jarre - "Zoolook" (Sony)
Les Rhythmes Digitales - "Music Makes You Loose Control" (Wall Of Sound)
Cornershop - "Sleep On The Left Side (Les Rhythmes Digitales Mix)" (Wiiija)
Kraftwerk - "Music Non-Stop" (EMI)
Neucleus - "Jam On It" (EMI)
Raze - "Jack The Groove" (Grove Street)
Sneaker Pimps - "Post Modern Sleaze (Salt City Orchestra Mix)" (Clean Up)
Daft Punk - "Musique" (Daft Trax)
No Info - "Fashion" (No Info)
Giorgio Moroder - "The Chase" (No Info)
Philipp Glass - "Music In 12 Parts" (No Info)
Nitro Deluxe - "Let's Get Brutal" (No Info)
Man Parrish - "HipHop Be-Bop (Don't Stop)" (Unidisc 1982)
M|A|R|R|S - "Pump Up The Volume" (4AD 1987)
The Human League - "Love Action" (No Info)

 Sa, 28.11.1998  
 ab 21 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: DJ Touché's House Mix

Those Guys - "Tonight" (MCA)
33 1/3 Queen - "Searchin'" (Nu Groove)
Chris Cuevas - "HipHop (Masters At Work Dub)" (Atlantic)
Baby Ford - "Oochy Koochy" (Rhythm King)
Richie Rich - "Salsa House" (Mercury)
Dionne - "Come Get My Lovin' (Rmx)" (Bigshot)
Tito Puente Jr + The Latin Rhythm Band - "Oye Como Va (Accapella)" (Heartbeat)
Nefatini - "Don't Stop (Inst.)" (Select)
Sagat - "Luvstuff" (FFRR)
House 2 House - "Hypnotize Me" (Strictly Rhythm)
Todd Terry pres. Sax - "This Will Be Mine" (Freeze)
Debbie Gibson - "One Step Ahead" (Atlantic)
Orr-Some - "We Can Make It" (Debut)
LFO - "LFO" (Warp 1990)
Armand van Helden - "Witch Doctor (Nush Club Dub)" (Strictly Rhythm)
Ace Of Base - "Living In Danger (Armand van Helden Mix)" (FFRR)
The Funk Junkeez - "Got Funk? (Sol Brothers Mix)" (Strictly Rhythm)

BTTB-X-Series: DJ Touché's HipHop Mix

DJ Shadow + The Groove Robbers - "Entropy" (Solesides 1993)
The Wiseguys + Sense Live - "We Keep On" (Wall Of Sound)
Mic Geronimo - "Masta IC" (Blunt)
KRS-1 - "A Friend" (Jive)
Artifacts - "The Ultimate" (Big Beat)
Nas - "Memory Lane" (Columbia)
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - "I Get Physical" (Elektra)
Lord Finesse - "Gameplan" (Penalty)
Notorious BIG - "Kick In the Door" (Bad Boy Entertainment)
Swollen Members - "S+M On The Rocks" (No Info)
De La Soul + Common - "The Bizness" (Tommy Boy)
Common Sense - "Resurrection" (Relativity)
Main Source - "A Friendly Game Of Baseball" (Wild Pitch)
A Tribe Called Quest - "God Lives Through" (Jive)
I.G. Off + The Hazardous - "On The Air" (Hydra)
Slick Rick - "It's A Boy (Rmx)" (Def Jam)
Crooklyn Dodgers '95 - "Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers" (MCA)
Fugees - "Nappy Heads (Rmx)" (Sony)
Common + Canibus - "Making A Name For Ourselves" (Relativity)

BTTB-X-Series: DJ Touché's Dancefloor Beats Mix

Jadell - "The Sure Shot" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Tim 'Love' Lee - "Common Ground: Mambo Agogo" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Kenny Dope Gonzales - "And There Ain't" (KDBX)
Resident Filters - "Big Train" (Lacerba)
The Wiseguys - "Start The Commotion" (Wall Of Sound)
Sir Drew - "Potato Feet" (Athletico)
Skeewiff - "Let's Have Scratch For Breakfast" (FSUK)
Headlamp - "Petrol Salt Lick" (Next Century)
DJ Jock - "Frisco Friday" (Lobster)
Wink - "Higher State Of Consciousness" (Strictly Rhythm)
Bronx Dogs - "212" (Heavenly)
Zeb Roc Ski & Stieber Twins - "B-Boys Revenge (Rmx)" (MZEE)
Deadly Avenger - "Illicit EP" (Illicit)
The Wiseguys - "Cowboy '78" (Wall Of Sound)
The Wiseguys - "Ooh La La" (Wall Of Sound 1998)
The Bizarre - "No Info" (No Info)

 Mo, 30.11.1998  
 ab 21 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Beyond There - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1998)
Rae & Christian + Jeru Tha Damaja - "Flip Da Mic" (Grand Central)
Blue Black - "Sun Up From Sun Down" (Fat City)
Basement Khemist - "Petrified" (Beyond Real)
Sons Of The Subway - "Ruff, Rugged & Real" (Infonet Electronic)
One Cut - "Cut Commander EP: Rockin' With The Onecut" (Hombre)
A.D.O.R. - "Let It All Hang Out" (Uppercut)
Dilated Peoples - "Work The Angels" (ABB)
Dr. Israel - "Southside" (Baraka)
Goldie - "Judged By Colour, Heard By Sound, Seen By Blind" (Metalheadz)
Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - "Cutslo" (Prototype)
Grooverider - "Starbase 23" (Higher Ground)
Egoexpress - "Allnighter" (Ladomat 2000)

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