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BTTB-Schedule 7/1998

   BTTB - Back To The Basics
06.07.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
08.07.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
16.07.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
22.07.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
16.07.   BTTB-X-Series: Herbaliser
BTTB - Documentations
16.07.   BTTB-Documentation: The Herbaliser
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Vom 16. bis 25. September kann man ByteFM in Hamburg per UKW 91,7 MHz empfangen - tgl von 5 bis 21 Uhr

 Mo, 06.07.1998  
 ab 22 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1997)
Jamie Myerson - "Rescue Me (D'n'B-Rmx #2)" (Ovum)
Markee - "No One Knows" (Ruffneck Ting)
Amon Tobin - "Like Regular Chickens (Danny Breaks Mix)" (Ninja Tune)
Aphrodite - "Private Plate B2" (Aphrodite)
DJ Wally - "Rollin' Ballz" (Liquid Sky)
Kappa - "Stand Up" (True Playa'z)
Cut Chemist meets Shortkut - "Live At The Futureprimitive Tr.14-22" (Future Primitive Sound 1998)

 Mi, 08.07.1998  
 ab 20 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Mr. Scruff - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1998)
Zeb Roc Ski & Stieber Twins - "Writing My Name" (MZEE)
Mood - "Karma" (Cup Of Tea)
Mood - "Another Day (inst.)" (Cup Of Tea)
Paula Perry - "Extra, Extra!!" (Motown)
Beastie Boys - "Song For The Man" (Grand Royal)
Fruitloop - "Dubreq" (Cup Of Tea)
Beastie Boys - "The Move" (Grand Royal)
Beastie Boys - "Intergalactic (Prisoners Of Technology Remix)" (Grand Royal)
Beastie Boys - "Putting Shame In Your Game" (Grand Royal)
Fruitloop - "Ha" (Cup Of Tea)
U.N.K.L.E. - "Celestial Annihilation" (Mo' Wax 1998)
The Future Sound Of London - "Far-Out Son Of Lung And The Ramblings Of A Madman (Smokin Japanese Babe)" (Virgin 1995)
U.N.K.L.E. - "Unreal" (Mo' Wax 1998)
Gator - "L'Autre Jour (Circular Mix)" (Lounge 1998)
Jigmastas - "Matrimony" (SSR)
Dobie - "1, 2, 3 And ...?" (Pussy Foot)
Ben Neill - "Tunnel Vision (X-Ecutioners Mix)" (Antilles)
U.N.K.L.E. + Richard Ashcroft - "Lonely Soul" (Mo' Wax)

 Do, 16.07.1998  
 ab 22 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

pt. 1: Neuheiten
Audio Two - "Top Billin'" (Priority 1987)
MC Lyte - "Top Billin'" (Elektra)
Malcom McLaren - "Buffalo Gals" (Charisma 1982)
Beyond There - "Dadaism" (Big Dada 1998)
Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique - "My Experience Is..." (Big Dada)
Saul Williams - "Twice The First Time" (Big Dada)
Runaways - "Life" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Cut Chemist meets Shortkut - "Live From The Future Primitive Tracks 10-12" (Future Primitive Sound 1998)
Conemelt - "Artificial Time Stretch Lady" (Ill)
Jammin' Unit - "Cut That Shit EP: K.U.N.G." (Pharma)
B.Low - "How Should I Explain?" (SSR)
Seanie B as Kilo - "Smoke Session" (Kahuna Cuts)
FC Kahuna - "What Is Kahuna? (Fatboy Slim's Smell The Kahuna Mix)" (Kahuna Cuts)
Ceasefire vs. Deadly Avenger - "Evel Knievel" (Wall Of Sound)
pt. 2: THE HERBALISER Special (see extra-tracklist for details)
pt. 3: DJ Ollie Teeba von The Herbaliser in the mix (see extra-tracklist for details)

BTTB-Documentation: The Herbaliser

The Herbaliser - "The Real Killer" (Ninja Tune)
The Herbaliser - "Intro" (Ninja Tune)
The Herbaliser - "Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks" (Ninja Tune 1998)
2 Player vs The Herbaliser - "Sometimes (Vox)" (n tone 1996)
The Herbaliser + Fabian - "Mr. DJ" (Ninja Tune 1996)
The Herbaliser - "A Mother (For Your Mind)" (Ninja Tune)
The Herbaliser - "40 Winks (No Sleep Vadim! Mix)" (Ninja Tune)
DJ Food - "Mella (Drive Faster Mix by The Herbaliser)" (Ninja Tune)

BTTB-X-Series: Herbaliser

Nils Petter Molvaer - "Platonic Years (The Herbaliser Rmx)" (ECM)
Defari - "Bottom Line" (ABB)
Diamond - "No Wundah (The Project)" (Mercury)
Redman - "That's How It Is" (Def Jam)
DJ Vadim - "Variations In USSR (DJ Krush Mix)" (Ninja Tune)
Rasco - "Hip Hop Essentials" (Stones Throw)
NOID - "Sky's The Limit (Rmx)" (Relativity)
X-Ecutioners - "Wordplay" (Asphodel)
Eric B. & Rakim - "Paid In Full (Coldcut Remix)" (Island 1987)
Common - "Get Down At The Amphitheatre" (Daisy Age / Invisible)
Cut Chemist - "Lesson 6" (Om Records)

 Mi, 22.07.1998  
 ab 20 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Mr. Scruff - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1998)
Heather B. - "Do You" (MCA)
Show & AG + KRS-One - "Drop It Heavy" (D.I.T.C.)
All City - "The Actual" (MCA)
Gang Starr + Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx - "The Militia" (Noo Trybe)
Gang Starr - "The Militia (inst.)" (Noo Trybe)
Mixmaster Mike - "Ultra Intro" (Asphodel)
Mixmaster Mike - "Ill Shit" (Asphodel)
The Wiseguys - "Start The Commotion" (Wall Of Sound)
Massive Attack - "Angel (Blur Mix)" (Virgin)
Defenders Of The ... - "Limitless Expanses EP - Time Out" (Moto)
Deep Rooted - "S.E.T.I. - Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence" (No U-Turn)
Ed Rush & Optical - "Zardoz" (Virus)
Breakbeat Era - "Rancid" (Full Cycle)
Grooverider - "Rainbows Of Color" (Prototype)
Wagon Christ - "No Info" (Astralwerks)

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