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BTTB-Schedule 5/1998

   BTTB - Back To The Basics
04.05.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
11.05.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
13.05.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
22.05.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
25.05.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
27.05.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
01.05.   BTTB-X-Series: David Holmes
08.05.   BTTB-X-Series: DJ D.m.n.k
15.05.   BTTB-X-Series: DJ Morpheus
15.05.   BTTB-X-Series: DJ Morpheus
22.05.   BTTB-X-Series: DJ Zinc
23.05.   BTTB-X-Series: Purple Penguin
29.05.   BTTB-X-Series: Funky Fresh Few's Old Skool-Mix
29.05.   BTTB-X-Series: DJ Zinc
ältere Monatsprogramme
Vom 16. bis 25. September kann man ByteFM in Hamburg per UKW 91,7 MHz empfangen - tgl von 5 bis 21 Uhr

 Fr, 01.05.1998  
 ab 00 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: David Holmes

Portishead - "Over (Remix)" (Go! Beat)
Jungle Brothers - "True Blue" (Gee Street)
Jungle Brothers - "This Is My Life" (Gee Street)
Amanda Shankir - "Light My Fire" (No Info)
Skinny - "Failure" (Cheeky)
Sylvia V - "Spinning Wheel (Son Of A Preacher Man)" (No Info)
David Holmes - "Don't Die Just Yet (The Holiday Girl)" (Go! Beat)
The Verve - "Bittersweet Symphony (U.N.K.L.E.)" (Virgin)
David Holmes - "Gritty Shaker (Richard Fearless Mix)" (Go! Beat)
The Beatles - "Tomorrow Never Knows" (Parlophone)
David Holmes - "My Mate Paul" (Go! Beat 1998)
No Info - "Shake Your Rump" (No Info)
Skylab - "Bite This" (No Info)
Ghostface Killer - "Daytona 500" (Epic)
No Info - "Bo Diddley" (No Info)
David Holmes - "Freaknik" (Go! Beat)
Rare Earth - "Get Ready" (No Info)
Zeenat Aman - "Indian Banger" (No Info)

 Mo, 04.05.1998  
 ab 22 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1997)
Zack de la Rocha, KRS-One & The Last Emperor - "C.I.A. (Criminal In Action)" (Rawkus)
Gang Starr - "Moment Of Truth" (Noo Trybe)
Gang Starr - "New York Strait Talk" (Noo Trybe)
Gang Starr - "Next Time" (Noo Trybe)
Busta Rhymes - "Turn It Up (inst.)" (Elektra)
Hard Knocks - "Who's Money" (Skint)
Space Raiders - "Cutters Choice" (Skint)
Lion Rock - "Rude Boy Rock" (Concrete)
Deejay Punk-Roc - "Beatbox" (Independiente)
Amon Tobin - "Sordid" (Ninja Tune)
Leena Conquest - "Boundaries (DJ Zinc Rmx)" (Uptight)
Dope Skillz - "Pink Panther" (True Playa'z)
Matrix - "Crossfire" (Ad Hoc)
Fortran - "Search" (31 Records)
DJ Trace - "Sonar" (Prototype)

 Fr, 08.05.1998  
 ab 00 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: DJ D.m.n.k

Hoax - "The More I See U" (Audio Couture)
Psion - "Inversion" (Audio Blueprint)
E-Z Rollers - "Tough At The Top (Origin Unknown Rmx)" (Moving Shadow)
Shimon & Andy C - "Live Line" (RAM)
Klute - "No Info" (Certificate 18)
No Info - "No Info" (New Identity)
Foul Play - "Synthetic Bitch" (Partisan)
Successful Criminals - "64 Drums" (Audio Couture)
No Info - "No Info" (Blueprints)
Decoder - "No Info" (Breakbeat Culture)
John B. - "Travelogue" (New Identity)
No Info - "Use Of Weapons" (Droppin' Science)
Future Forces Inc - "Chase" (Saigon)
Dom & Roland - "Isolate" (Saigon)

 Mo, 11.05.1998  
 ab 22 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1997)
Mixmaster Mike - "Armosfear" (Asphodel)
Search - "Cougar (DJ Cam Mix)" (Scenario)
DC3 - "Change Of Plan (Funky Fresh Few Mix)" (Scenario)
Search - "Action Tape 1 (Mad Scope Mix by Aim)" (Scenario)
Unsung Heroes - "One We Made Earlier (A Story We Told Later) Mix by Beyond There" (Scenario)
DJ Morpheus vs The Bassbin Twins - "The Future Isn't What It Used To Be" (SSR)
Mobb Deep - "Shook Ones, Part I (inst.)" (BMG)
Spax - "Oratores Perfecti (inst.)" (Payday)
Tricky - "Broken Homes (HipHop Mix)" (Island)
DJ Food - "The Crow" (Ninja Tune 1998)
Fischmob - "Haschisch Opis" (Plattenmeister)
Monkey Mafia - "Make Jah Music" (Heavenly)
Monkey Mafia - "Healing Of The Nation" (Heavenly)

 Mi, 13.05.1998  
 ab 20 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

pt. 1: Das EFX, M.O.P. & Gang Starr (So, 24.05., Markthalle)
Das EFX - "Rap Scholar" (Elektra)
M.O.P. - "Stick To Ya Gunz (DJ Premier Street Version)" (Relativity)
Gang Starr - "Masstrumental" (Chrysalis)
Gang Starr - "Mass Appeal" (Chrysalis 1994)
pt. 2: FunKungFusion (Sa, 16.05., Markthalle)
Roots Manuva - "Clockwork" (Ninja Tune)
Chocolate Weasel - "Music For Body Lockers (Dub For Lazy Loafters)" (Ninja Tune)
Amon Tobin - "Sordid" (Ninja Tune)
DJ Vadim - "Nonsensical Loquacious Hypothesis" (Ninja Tune)
pt. 3: Drum Rhythm Night (Fr, 22.05., Mojo)
Stakka Bo - "Great Blondino (Allen Abduction Mix by Monkey Mafia)" (Stockholm Records)
Monkey Mafia - "The Whore Of Babylon" (Heavenly)
Monkey Mafia - "Work Mi Body (The Chicken Scratch)" (Heavenly)
Monkey Mafia - "Crash The Decks - Slaughter The Vinyl" (Heavenly)
Ruby - "Tiny Meat (Meat For The Feet Mix by Monkey Mafia)" (Creation)
808 State - "Cubik (Monkey Mafia Rmx)" (ZTT)

 Fr, 15.05.1998  
 ab 00 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: DJ Morpheus

pt. 1: Freestyle Special
Recloose - "Welcome" (No Info)
Trip 'Ta' Funk - "There Is No Revolution (Rmx)" (No Info)
Pelding - "Exile (inst.)" (No Info)
Channel Live - "Six Cents" (Capitol)
Red Foo & Dre'Kroon - "The Freshest (Revolution Rmx)" (Bubonic)
DJ Damage & DJ Pone - "Storm In Da Groove" (No Info)
Doctor L. - "Everything's Gonna Be Alrighr" (Artefact)
Paperclip People - "4 My Pepz (Shot)" (No Info)
Sound Works Foundation a.k.a. Bandulu - "Isn't It Time" (No Info)
UFO - "Cosmic Gypsy (Fila Brazillia Rmx 2)" (Talkin' Loud)
Buscemi - "Charles In Full Action" (No Info)
Blaze - "Directions" (No Info)
Glamourous Hooligan - "Disco Heist" (No Info)

 Fr, 15.05.1998  
 ab 01 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: DJ Morpheus

pt. 2: Breakbeats Special
Morpheus vs The Bassbin Twins - "No Hustle" (SSR)
The Last Minister - "Tribute To J.B. Family" (No Info)
Cut Chemist meets Shortkut - "Live At The Futureprimitive Sound Session" (No Info 1998)
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - "I Got It Funky" (No Info)
Bomb Worldwide - "World Wide Intro" (No Info)
Subsonic Legacy - "Revolution (Bring The Noise)" (No Info)
Bronx Dogs - "Tribute To Jazzy Jay (Deathmix)" (No Info)
Mantronik vs Quest - "Mad" (No Info)
Mantronik - "King Of The Beats 98 (V 3.0)" (No Info)
UFO - "Fool's Paradise (Mba Remix by Ken Ishii)" (Talkin' Loud)
Yoshinori Sunahara - "M.F.R.F.M (Bounce 2 Mix)" (No Info)
Restaurant Tracks (Pulsinger & Tunakan) - "We Want Reggae (Because It Makes Us Feel Sexy)" (No Info)
UFO - "Cosmic Gypsy (Fila Brazillia Mix 2)" (Talkin' Loud)
Future Homosapiens - "Keep On Rollin' (Tommy To-Disco Rmx)" (No Info)

 Fr, 22.05.1998  
 ab 00 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: DJ Zinc

playlist not (yet) available

 Fr, 22.05.1998  
 ab 01 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Baby Fox - "Zodiac" (Roadrunner)
Baby Fox - "Jonny Lipshake (The 360° Drunken Master Soundboy Special Mix by Ashley Beedle)" (Malawi)
Baby Fox - "Dum Dum Baby" (Roadrunner)
The Jigmasters - "Keep On Rockin'" (Fat City)
Purple Penguin - "Apollo" (Cup Of Tea 1998)
Concrete Puppy - "The Great Raspberry Rip Off" (Fat City)
Money Mark - "Maybe I'm Dead (Psychonauts inst)" (Mo' Wax)
Money Mark - "Maybe I'm Dead (Underdog Remix)" (Mo' Wax)
Moloko - "The Flipside Mixes #1 (All Seeing I Upside)" (Echo)
Alpha - "Hazeldub (More Rockers Dubplate Mix)" (Melankolik)
Yellow Note - "Window" (Liquid Sky)
808 State - "Pacific State (Grooveriders Jeep Mix)" (ZTT)

 Sa, 23.05.1998  
 ab 22 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: Purple Penguin

Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1997)
Receiver - "Intro" (Cup Of Tea)
No Info - "Stunts, Blunts & Beats: Drop Da Joint" (Freedom)
One Cut - "Babylon" (Hombre 1999)
Receiver - "Santa Maria" (Cup Of Tea 1998)
Black Label - "And I Love It" (Monkey Funk)
The Verve - "Bitter Sweet Symphony" (Hut)
Vine - "Coldspring" (Milk)
Portishead - "Strangers" (Go! Beat)
OC - "Times Up" (Wild Pitch)
Sack - "Get Out My Life" (Million)
Invisible Hands - "Sloppys" (Cup Of Tea)
One Cut - "Beats And A Sampler" (Hombre)
Parlour Talk - "Colours" (Acid Jazz)
All Natural - "Writers Block" (No Info)
Money Mark - "Cry" (Mo' Wax 1995)
Klaus Wunderlich - "Summertime" (Objective)
Mr. Scruff - "Naughty Mouse" (Cup Of Tea 1997)
Kenny Dope Gonzales - "Get On Down" (TNT)
Mos Def feat. Q-Tip & Tash - "Body Rock" (Rawkus)
Dust Junkies - "What Time Is It?" (Polydor)
Statik Sound System - "Outside Now" (Cup Of Tea)
Slick Sixty - "Hilary" (Cup Of Tea)
Jadell - "Brand New Sound" (Ultimate Dilemma 1998)
J-Live - "Braggin' Writes" (Raw Shack)
Runaways - "Pulsation" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Invisible Hands - "Oil" (Cup Of Tea)
Massive Attack - "Karmacoma" (Circa)
Purple Penguin - "Memphis" (Cup Of Tea 1997)
Visionaries - "Love HipHop" (Up Above)
Rae & Christian - "How Sweet" (Grand Central)
Ella Fitzgerald - "Sunshine Of Your Love" (No Info 1970)
Alex Cortiz - "Funkytarista" (Vibesin)
Roxy Breaks - "Vol. 1" (303)
Purple Penguin - "Apollo" (Cup Of Tea 1998)
Clockwork Voodoo Freaks - "Return" (Seaside)
Ultramagnetic MCs - "Moloves Theme" (FFRR)
Phantom Breaks - "Vol. 1" (Phantom)
Clockwork Voodoo Freaks - "Deaf Mic" (Wild Pitch)
Concrete Puppy - "The Great Raspberry Rip Off" (Fat City)
Cutmaster DC - "Horse With" (Rawkus)
Master Ace - "Letter To The Better" (Cold Chillin')
Skillsters - "Too Pyssy" (Pyssy)
DJ Shadow - "Organ Donor" (Mo' Wax 1997)
Steve Miller Band - "Fly Like An Eagle" (Capitol 1976)
Jaz Klash - "Through The Haze" (Cup Of Tea)
Southern Comfort - "Like This" (Cup Of Tea)
Numskullz - "Signs" (Hombre)
Special Ed - "Freaky Flow" (Profile)
Smith & Mighty - "Walk On" (Three Stripe 1988)
Spaceways - "Japanese Flute" (Cup Of Tea)
Network Reps - "Simplistic" (Network)
A Tribe Called Quest - "Oh My God" (Jive 1994)
Latyrx - "Ladys Don't Tekno" (Solesides)
Lary Youngs - "Turn Off Tha Lights" (No Info)
Beastie Boys - "33% God" (Capitol)
Stone Roses - "Fools Gold" (Silver Tone)
Mains Ignition - "Testify" (Bass Engine)
Karmisky - "Exploration" (Karmisky)
The Egg - "Shopping" (Cup Of Tea)
Invisible Hands - "To The End" (Cup Of Tea)
Disciples - "Tibuka EP" (Cup Of Tea)
Monk & Canatella - "Forthcoming Song" (Cup Of Tea)
The Federation - "Head Spinz" (Cup Of Tea)
William D'Vaughn - "Be Thankful" (Chelsea)
Alpha - "Sometime Later" (Melankolik)
Portishead - "Over" (Go! Beat)
Better Dub - "Dub Me Girl" (Studio One)
Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro (inst.)" (BTTB)

 Mo, 25.05.1998  
 ab 22 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1997)
Drum Island - "La Danse Electrique" (R&S)
Raw Deal - "Return Of The Rebel" (Botchit & Scarper 1996)
Raw Deal - "High Treason" (Botchit & Scarper)
Baby Fox - "The Rockery pt. 1" (Roadrunner)
Complex - "Move On" (24 Karat)
Dillinja - "Fluid" (24 Karat)
Complex - "Complexities" (24 Karat)
Skinny - "Failure" (Cheeky)
Alpha - "Firefly" (Melankolik)
Dobie - "Crime Story" (Pussy Foot)
The Wiseguys - "Expand On The Topic" (Wall Of Sound)
The Korp. - "Never Ending Story" (Dolo)
Fünf Sterne deluxe - "Dein Herz schlägt schneller" (Yo Mama)
Fünf Sterne deluxe - "Schund" (Yo Mama)
Alpha - "My Things" (Melankolik)

 Mi, 27.05.1998  
 ab 20 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1997)
Runaways - "Finders Kreepers" (Ultimate Dilemma 1998)
Runaways + Cyclops 4000 - "Levitation" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Runaways - "Summer Vacation" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Massive Attack - "Daydreaming" (Wild Bunch)
Tricky - "Aftermath" (Island)
Tricky - "Ponderosa (inst.)" (Island)
Tricky - "Tricky Kid" (Island)
Tricky - "Black Steel (In The Draw Mix)" (Island)
Tricky & Roberto Malary Jr. - "Grass Roots" (Island)
Tricky - "Slick 66" (Island)
Nearly God - "Children's Story" (Island)
Tricky - "The Moment I Feared" (Island)
Tricky - "Christiansands (The Imposter's Mix)" (Island)
Nearly God - "Poems (Edit)" (Island)

 Fr, 29.05.1998  
 ab 00 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: Funky Fresh Few's Old Skool-Mix

Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1997)
Ultramagnetic MCs - "B Boys Bonus" (Next Plateau)
Grandmaster Melle Mel - "Pump Me Up" (Sugarhill)
Salt'n'Pepa - "I'll Take Your Man" (Next Plateau)
2 Live Crew - "What I Like" (No Info)
2 Live Crew - "Ghetto Bass" (No Info)
Biz Markie - "One Two" (Cold Chillin')
Superlover C - "Girls I Got Em Locked" (No Info)
DJ Jazzy Jeff - "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" (Jive)
Chubb Rock - "Rock'n'Roll Dude" (Select)
Public Enemy - "My Uzi Weighs A Ton" (Def Jam)
Newclues - "Wicki Wicki" (EMI)
Man Parrish - "Boogie Down Bronx" (Unidisc)
King Tee - "I'm Cool" (Capitol)
Boogie Down Productions - "Poetry" (Jive)
Disco 4 - "Get Busy" (No Info)
3xD - "Crushin And Bussin" (No Info)
DJ Jazzy Jeff - "A Touch Of Jazz" (Jive)
World Famous Supreme Team - "World Famous Supreme Team" (Charisma)
World Famous Supreme Team - "Hey DJ" (Charisma)
Whodini - "Friends" (Jive 1984)
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 - "U Know What Time It Is" (Sugarhill)
Roxanne Shanté - "Payback" (Cold Chillin')
Cool C - "Juice Cru Dis" (No Info)
Roxanne Shanté - "Have A Nice Day" (Cold Chillin')
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 - "Flash To The Beat" (Sugarhill)
Treacherous Three - "Feel The Heartbeat" (No Info)
Hardrock Soul Movement - "Do It Anyway" (No Info)
High Fidelity Three - "B Boys Breakdance" (Cutting)
DST - "Home Of HipHop" (No Info)
K Rob - "I'm A Homeboy" (No Info)
Word Of Mouth - "Coast To Coast" (No Info)
Justice - "Cold Gettin Dumb" (Fresh)
Kool G Rap - "Rikers Island" (Cold Chillin')
UTFO - "Roxanne, Roxanne" (No Info)
Real Roxanne - "Bang Zoom" (Cooltempo)
Whistle - "Just Buggin" (No Info)
B Boys - "Girls" (No Info)
Stetsasonic - "On Fire" (Tommy Boy)
Beastie Boys - "Paul Revere" (Capitol)
Captain Rock - "Cosmic Blast" (No Info)
Knights Of The Turntables - "No Info" (No Info)
Hashim - "Al Nafiysh" (Cutting)
Ice T - "Tibetan Jam" (Sire)
Cybotron - "R9" (Fantasy)
Biz Markie - "Something Funky" (Cold Chillin')
LL Cool J - "I'm Bad" (Def Jam)
Funky Fresh Few - "Slow For Focus EP: Ways Of The Underground" (Grand Central)

 Fr, 29.05.1998  
 ab 01 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: DJ Zinc

playlist not (yet) available

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