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BTTB-Schedule 2/1998

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09.02.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
11.02.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
16.02.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
23.02.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
25.02.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
02.02.   BTTB-X-Series: Michael Sauer
13.02.   BTTB-X-Series: DJ Touché
20.02.   BTTB-X-Series: JHNO
27.02.   BTTB-X-Series: Runaways
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 Mo, 02.02.1998  
 ab 22 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: Michael Sauer

DJ Shadow - "Orgon Donor" (Mo' Wax)
Jungle Brothers - "Ultimatum Ultra Mix" (Gee Street 1989)
Howie B. - "Switch" (Polydor)
Rude Rydims - "Everybody Rock" (TNT)
UMO - "Half Price Full Value" (Pharma)
Optical - "Moving 808" (Prototype)
DJ Krust - "Warhead" (V Recordings)
Scorpio - "Trouble" (V Recordings)
Lil Louis - "Clap Your Hands (PFM Mix)" (Go! Beat)
Fauna Flash - "Synopsis" (Compost)
DJ Shadow - "What Does Your Soul Look Like (Peshay Mix)" (Mo' Wax)
Janet Jackson - "Got Til It's Gone" (Virgin)
Lemon D - "Urban Style Music (Reprise)" (Metalheadz)
Fauna Flash - "Blue Lotus" (Compost)
Global Communication - "The Groove (Extended Skit)" (Global Communication)
Pumpkin Head - "Dynamic (inst.)" (No Info)

 Mo, 09.02.1998  
 ab 22 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Alexander Veljanow - "The Man With A Silver Gun (Attica Blues Mix)" (No Info)
Artifacts - "Wrong Side Of Da Tracks (inst.)" (Big Beat 1994)
Sofa Surfers - "Tse Tse Fly (Hi Tek Steppas Meet The Demon Flowers Uptown)" (Klein)
Pressure Drop - "Silently Bad Minded" (Hard Hands 1998)
Jazz Con Bazz - "Flow With The Univers' Plan (Megashira Shaolin Mix)" (Sony)
Mighty Flores - "Edee's Dream" (Wicked Wax)
Takraf - "Capricorn" (Wicked Wax)
Revolution Per Minute - "Food Of My De-Rhythm (Version 2)" (Mo' Wax 1993)
Revolution Per Minute - "2000" (Mo' Wax)
Runaways - "Levitation" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Runaways - "Futurism" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Runaways - "Punky Bonus" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Runaways - "Kaleidoscopic Turntable Styles" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Fünf Sterne deluxe + Biz Markie - "Willst Du mit mir geh'n" (Yo Mama)

 Mi, 11.02.1998  
 ab 20 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1997)
pt. 1: X-Exutioners-Album
X-Ecutioners - "The Countdown" (Asphodel)
X-Ecutioners - "X-Outtakes 5" (Asphodel)
X-Ecutioners - "Raida's Theme" (Asphodel)
Rob Swift - "Rob Gets Busy" (Bomb 1996)
pt. 2: Biz Markie
Biz Markie - "Nobody Beats The Biz" (Cold Chillin' 1987)
Biz Markie - "Something For The Radio" (Cold Chillin' 1988)
Biz Markie - "Let Me Turn You On" (Cold Chillin' 1993)
Biz Markie - "Just A Friend" (Cold Chillin' 1989)
Biz Markie - "Just An Instrumental" (Cold Chillin' 1989)
Fünf Sterne deluxe + Biz Markie - "Will Smith, Meer Gayne?" (Yo Mama)
pt. 3: Runaways (Markthalle, 21.02.)
Runaways - "Crime Story" (Ultimate Dilemma)
pt. 4: Pressure Drop (Mojo Club, 19.02.)
Pressure Drop - "You're Mine" (Boombastic 1992)
Pressure Drop - "Transfusion" (Boombastic 1992)
Pressure Drop - "Tearing The Silence EP: You Can't Hide" (Hard Hands 1995)
Pressure Drop - "Unify (Ripped)" (Boombastic 1993)
Pressure Drop - "Everything'll Be Alright Tomorrow (Version)" (Boombastic 1992)

 Fr, 13.02.1998  
 ab 00 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: DJ Touché

Crooklyn Dodgers - "Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers '95 (inst.)" (MCA)
The Beatnuts - "Off The Books (Acapella)" (Relativity)
Common Sense - "Resurrection (inst.)" (Relativity)
David Axelrod - "The Blessings pt. II" (Capitol)
The 45 King - "Universal Beat Generation 2" (Ultimate Dilemma)
The 45 King - "Universal Beat Generation 2" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Cold Crush Brothers - "Fresh, Wild, Fly, Bold" (Smokin')
Davy DMX - "One For The Treble" (Tuff City)
Chocolate Bamboo - "Penis Colada" (Slammin')
LL Cool J - "Rock The Bells" (Def Jam)
Jadell - "Skyboat" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Black Sheep - "The Choice Is Yours" (Mercury 1991)
Armand van Helden - "Reservoir Dogs" (FFRR)
Run DMC - "Peter Piper" (Profile)
No Info - "No Info" (No Info)
Herbie Hancock - "Rock It" (Columbia)
Edwyn Collins - "The Magic Piper (Wiseguy Rmx)" (Setanta)
Double D & Steinski - "Lesson 3" (Tommy Boy)
DJ Ice One - "Break Dance Anthem" (Irma Casa Di Primordine)
West Street Mob - "Break Dance Electric Boogie" (Sugarhill 1983)
E.T.A. - "Casual Sub" (East West)
Big Daddy Kane - "Set It Off" (Cold Chillin')
DJ Smash - "Say Ow" (New Breed)
Butter Breaks - "Brooklyn Peeps" (Non Stop Blazin' Beats)
Freestylers - "Breaker Beats" (Freskanova)
The Wiseguys - "The Bounce" (Wall Of Sound)

 Mo, 16.02.1998  
 ab 22 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1997)
Digital Truth - "Womb Of Fear" (Blue Planet)
X-Ecutioners - "Turntable eXhibition" (Asphodel)
X-Ecutioners - "One Man Band" (Asphodel)
X-Ecutioners - "Mad Flava" (Asphodel)
X-Ecutioners - "Raida's Theme" (Asphodel)
Runaways - "Summer Vacation" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Jazz Con Bazz - "Flow With The Univers' Plan" (Sony)
Neven - "Shriek! (No Guitar Mix)" (Disques Solid)
Fuselage - "All In The Mind" (Kahuna Cuts)
DJ Kool meets Crooklyn Clan - "Here We Go Now (Magnum Force Mix)" (Kahuna Cuts)
Plug - "A Hot One" (Blue Planet)
Beanfield - "Planetary Deadlock (Fauna Flash Rmx)" (Compost)
Lil Louis - "Clap Your Hands (PFM Mix)" (Go! Beat)
DJ Zinc - "It's Like That" (Frontline)
DJ Zinc - "Stretched" (True Playa'z)

 Fr, 20.02.1998  
 ab 00 Uhr  

Pete Namlock & Higher Intelligence Agency - "Intruder Detector" (S.H.A.D.O.)
Autechre - "Montreal" (Warp)
Subtropic - "Marauding Mo" (Homebrew)
Spacetime Continuum - "Vertigo (Ghanima Edit, Rmx by Kobat)" (Astralwerks)
Plug - "Me & Mr. Jones" (Blue Planet)
Flynn & Flora - "You Are Sleeping" (Independent Dealers)
JHNO - "Believeth (Dob Remix)" (Delicate Ear)
Wes Montgomery - "Switchin'" (No Info)
Mu-Ziq - "Watch Out Jason" (Lunatic Harness)
JHNO - "Watch Out Jason" (Delicate Ear)
Squarepusher - "Coopers World" (Warp)
Michael Jackson - "Pretty Young Thing" (Sony)
JHNO - "Fly" (Delicate Ear 1997)
JHNO - "My Mind Is Aglow (Verfas Mix)" (Delicate Ear)

 Mo, 23.02.1998  
 ab 22 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Journeyman - "50cc (Full Service History)" (n tone)
Journeyman - "Tuft Er" (n tone)
Journeyman - "Sloath" (n tone)
Coldcut - "Timber (Journeyman Mix)" (Ninja Tune)
Journeyman - "Spy" (n tone)
Red Boy - "Contact From The Underworld EP: Making A Noise" (Pussy Foot)
Sly & Robbie - "Demolition City (Blue Song Mix)" (Quango)
Dawn Penn + Bounty Killer - "No No No" (Waterhouse 1994)
Melaaz - "Non Non Non" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Fresh 4 feat. Lizz.E - "Wishing On A Star" (Ten 1989)
Black Uhuru - "Boof'n'Baff'n'Biff (Thievery Corporation Mix)" (Quango)
Junior Murvin / Lee Scratch Perry - "Police + Thieves" (Island 1976)
Jah Lion / Lee Scratch Perry - "Soldier + Police War" (Island 1976)

 Mi, 25.02.1998  
 ab 20 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1997)
DJ Cam - "I Love HipHop" (Inflamable)
Beck - "Where It's At Bonus Beats" (Geffen 1996)
Method Man - "Release Yo'delf (LP inst.)" (Def Jam 1994)
Texas feat. Method Man - "Say What You Want (inst.)" (Mercury)
Texas feat. Method Man - "Say What You Want" (Mercury)
Love Unlimited Orchestra - "Strange Games & Things" (PolyGram 1976)
Dr. Frankenstein - "Frankenstein's Pain" (Knowledge Of Self 1995)
Frankenstein - "The Rain Is Gone" (Knowledge Of Self 1996)
Frankenstein - "Agony And Ecstasy" (Knowledge Of Self)
Dr. Frankenstein - "Peace And Quiet (inst.)" (Knowledge Of Self 1995)
United - "With The Sun (Altocumulus Mix by Optical Noise)" (Discordant 1995)
Laika - "Shut Off / Curl Up" (Too Pure)
Pressure Drop - "Silently Bad Minded (Roni Size Vocal Mix)" (Hard Hands)
More Rockers - "Dis Ya One" (More Rockers 1996)
Roni Size feat. Onallee - "Watching Windows (Roni Size Vocal Edit)" (Talkin' Loud)
Massive Attack feat. Daddy Gee And Carlton - "Any Love (Bonus)" (Massive Attack 1988)
Baby Bird - "Bébé Limonade" (Echo)

 Fr, 27.02.1998  
 ab 01 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: Runaways

Funky Fresh Few - "BTTB-Intro" (BTTB 1997)
Runaways - "Intro" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Headhunters - "God Made Me Funky" (No Info 1975)
Bob James - "Take Me To The Mardi Gras" (CBS)
Soul Searchers - "Ashley's Roachclip" (Sussex)
Heath Brothers - "No Info" (No Info)
East Flatbush Project - "No Info" (No Info)
No Info - "No Info" (No Info)
Runaways - "Finders Kreepers" (Ultimate Dilemma 1998)
No Info - "Fresh Kuts Dubplate" (Fresh Kuts)
No Info - "Delicate Beats" (Fresh Kuts)
Rakim - "Been A Long Time" (Universal)
Boymerang - "Soul Beat Runner" (Regal)
Runaways - "Levitation (Rmx, feat. Cyclops 4000)" (Ultimate Dilemma)
Runaways - "L.I.F.E." (Ultimate Dilemma)

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