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BTTB-Schedule 7/1997

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07.07.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
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28.07.   BTTB - Back To The Basics
23.07.   BTTB-X-Series: DJ SS
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03.07.   BTTB-Documentation: Rockers Hi-Fi (short)
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 Do, 03.07.1997  
 21-22 Uhr  
BTTB-Documentation: Rockers Hi-Fi (short)

oRiginal Rockers - "Rockers To Rockers Album-Intro" (Different Drummer)
oRiginal Rockers - "Breathless" (The Cake Label)
oRiginal Rockers - "Rockers To Rockers" (Different Drummer)
oRiginal Rockers - "The Underwater World Of Jah Custeau" (Beyond 1993)
Groove Corporation Meets Original Rockers At The Elephant House - "Stoned" (The Cake Label 1992)
oRiginal Rockers - "DTI" (Different Drummer)
oRiginal Rockers - "Round Reversion" (Different Drummer)
Dawn Penn - "Night & Day (Baby I Love You So) (Roots Dub)" (WEA 1994)
Sapien - "Que Dolor (Rude Boy Fandango Mix)" (Different Drummer)
Neotropic - "Bubble Dub (Rizla’s Delight Mix)" (Different Drummer)
Rockers Hi Fi - "The 8th Shade (Burn Baby Burn)" (Different Drummer)
Rockers Hi Fi - "Queen Of The Ghetto (Ghetto Defendant)" (Different Drummer)
Rockers Hi Fi - "Uneasy Skanking" (Different Drummer)
Switchblade Sisters - "U Love My Music!" (Different Drummer)
Die Sterne - "Themenläden (Bigga Bush's Bright Moments Mix)" (L'Age D'Or)

 Mo, 07.07.1997  
 14-15 Uhr  
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Akasha - "Brown Sugar (PFM's Cosmic Journey Mix)" (Wall Of Sound 1996)
Funki Porcini - "Trip To Nowhere" (Ninja Tune)
Four Ears - "Columbus (Avenue Of The Americas)" (Compost)
Parallax - "Effervescence" (Urban Flavour)
Rob & Goldie - "The Shadow (Process Mix)" (Moving Shadow)
Ed Rush & Nico Sykes - "Technology (Boymerang Remix)" (No U-Turn)
Boymerang - "I Like It Like That" (Regal)
Plug - "Cut" (Blue Planet)
Righteous Man - "Arms Inside" (Kiff SM)
Monkey Mafia - "Crash The Decks: Slaughter The Vinyl" (Deconstruction)
Mozesli - "Sunshine" (Source)
Pressure Drop - "Under The Wrong Sign" (Hard Hands)
Only Child - "Rain (Rain Sax Mix)" (Grand Central)

 Mi, 09.07.1997  
 20-21 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Roni Size - "Kiss" (V Recordings 1993)
Roni Size - "Time Stretch (93 Mix)" (V Recordings 1994)
Roni Size - "Daylight" (Full Cycle 1995)
DJ Krush - "Dig This Vibe (DJ Krust & Roni Size Mix)" (Mo' Wax)
Bentley Rhythm Ace - "Return Of The Carbootechnodiscohardcore" (Skint)
Bentley Rhythm Ace - "This Is Carbootechnodiscotechnobooto" (Skint)
Bentley Rhythm Ace - "Late Train 2 Bentley On C" (Skint)
Les Rhythmes Digitales - "American Metal" (Wall Of Sound)
Mekon feat. Schoolly D - "Skool's Out (Les Rhythmes Digitales Mix)" (Wall Of Sound)
Les Rhythmes Digitales - "Oberonne" (Wall Of Sound)
Funk d'Void - "Snakebite" (Soma)
Massive Attack - "Rising Son (Underworld Remix)" (Circa)
Makai - "The Damaja" (Don Q)
DJ Zinc - "Damn" (True Playa'z)
DJ Facz - "Bolted" (Based On Bass)
DJ Zinc - "Reachout (Rmx)" (True Playa'z)
Pascal - "Cool Manouvre" (True Playa'z)
Plug - "Cut" (Blue Planet)

 Mi, 23.07.1997  
 20-21 Uhr  
BTTB-X-Series: DJ SS

DJ SS - "Wonderful Day" (Formation)
DJ SS - "Red" (Formation)
DJ SS - "Old Skool Society" (Formation)
MA4 - "No Info" (Formation)
Adam F - "Circles (Roni Size Mix)" (F-Jam)
Decoder - "Circuit Breaker" (Technical Itch)
DJ SS - "Silver" (Formation)
Technical Itch - "White" (Formation)
Mental Power - "Unknown Intelligence" (Formation)
Mama Mystique - "Tremendous (Krust Mix)" (Multiply)
DJ SS - "Symphonic" (Formation)

 Mo, 28.07.1997  
 14-15 Uhr  
BTTB - Back To The Basics

Dirty Beatniks - "Don't Stop (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)" (Wall Of Sound)
Les Rhythmes Digitales - "Jaques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)" (Wall Of Sound)
Propellerheads - "Spybreak (Long One)" (Wall Of Sound)
Deborah Anderson - "Lonely" (Mo' Wax)
Only Child - "Rain (Tek 9 Rmx)" (Grand Central)
Skrupel - "Leaving (Lemongrass Rmx)" (Plattenmeister)
Acacia - "Maddening Shroud (Zero Tolerance Mix)" (Warner)
DJ Wally - "Bitchleys Kow Korn" (Sam'z Jointz)
DJ Wally - "My Bloody Valentine" (Sam'z Jointz 1995)
DJ Wally - "Fetish" (Sam'z Jointz 1996)
DJ Wally - "Space People" (Sam'z Jointz)
DJ Wally & DJ Swingsett - "Hungry In The Abstract" (Ubiquity 1997)
DJ Wally - "Feelin' Groovy" (Home Entertainment)
DJ Wally - "Last Chance To Comprehend" (Home Entertainment)

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